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hana_cho ([personal profile] hana_cho) wrote2009-12-23 06:28 pm

Strange idea


Okay I have that strange idea and I want to try something new, well not that new but still new for me. I want to write a few one shots (3-5) with a plot from you.

So what you have to do is to write me a message with the plot not in the comment section, please.

What the message should contain, well the normal things like


title: (if you have one)


if you want smut, you should tell me how it should be (positions or kinks, …)

plot: the plot should be more then 10 words, please. If you give me a really good described plot that would be good.

Pairing: it should be in the end yunjae and I write seme ho, so no uke ho

And if you have a summery for it that would be good too, but you don't have to.


I will warn you, if you want some fluff, I'm not writing any, Because I fail at it all the times. -.-

Well you will have a week (till 1.1.10)to send me the messages. Enough time to think about a great plot.

I will take these which will get me excited to write them. So only the best 3-5 will be written.

So give your best, be creative.

I can't await to get your messages.



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