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Accidental Love

Title: Accidental Love

author: [personal profile] hana_cho 

beta reader: [livejournal.com profile] jaejoongmylove 

length: 4/...

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG - 13

genre: drama, angst

Warnings: character death

Summery: After an accident Yunho falls into coma. In his comatose condition he dreams about falling in love with his neighbor. But what if the story repeats itself after he wakes up?

chapter one, chapter two, chapter three


Chapter four


The young boy was laying in the bed and his eyes looked at the ceiling. He was thinking about his dream. “Was is it a dream? It felt so real?”

A nurse came into the room to check onto the boy like she did everyday. It was sad that she had to tell the doctor and the parents of the young boy, that nothing has changed and he was still sleeping. But today she was surprised as she entered the room when the boy turned his head around to the intruder.

Who there?” He asked. He had already accepted that he can't see a thing. When he woke up he knew that something was wrong with his eyes, because everything was pitch black for a few seconds he was panicking, but after a while he knew that he couldn't change anything.

I'm your nurse, Yunho.” She said friendly. “I'm going to get the doctor, so he can check onto you.” With that she left the room and went to the doctor. A few minutes later the doctor and Yunho's parents, which were in his office for a meeting, came into the boy's room.

Oh Yunho, you are awake!” The mother ran to her beloved son and embraced him.

Yunho, how are you feeling?” The doctor asked the young boy.

Good. Eyes not see.” He tried to explain what he thought is wrong with him and how he felt, but he couldn't form a real sentence.

Well, your eyes got hurt in the accident and we are sorry, but we don't have the devices to heal them.” He said to Yunho, before he turned around to Mr. Jung. “Mr. Jung,maybe you have noticed that your son has problems to speak properly due to the long time he was in coma his brain lost some of his functions and Yunho needs to learn to speak properly again.” He explained.

How long slept?” Yunho asked his mother worried, that what the doctor said was a bit shocking.

You slept over a year, darling.” She answered.

After the doctor has checked Yunho's condition he started to explain about what Yunho had to pay attention to and how he could learn to speak again. The young boy was nodding his head from time to time to show that he understood, bit no one noticed that the young boy wasn't behaving like a child anymore. He was behaving like a teenager and more mature.


After Yunho was discharged a week after his awakening his parents decided to move to the country so Yunho could heal better in the fresh air. For the young boy it didn't matter anymore to move away from the city. His old friends lived on and were forgetting him with the time when he was in the hospital.

As they drove to their new home he felt like a déjà vu only that this time he couldn't see anything.

After they arrived his parents were busy with settling in, while he was walking around the big garden in front of the house. His father told him that the house was white and had two stores and the garden has a tree with a swing on it.

As he was searching for that tree to sit down on the swing he heard sobbing. He went near to the source of the sound but suddenly he stumbles over something hard and big and fell onto the ground.

Oh my god, are you alright?” He heard someone call out to him and a second later that someone helped him to stand up again.

Thank you.” Yunho said slowly to pronounce every word clearly. It was still hard to speak properly for him.

Didn't you see the puppet house?” The other one asked.

Yunho only shook his head no.

But it is big and pink, how couldn't you see it?” He asked bewildered.

Don't see.” Yunho tried to explain the other one that he was blind.

What do you mean? Yah, speak properly with me. Don't you know to show older one's respect?”

I know, sorry.” Yunho said slowly and bowed to apologize.

What's wrong with you?” The other one asked bewildered. He didn't know what he should do with the boy. That boy was weird.

You cry?” Yunho tried to ask.

I'm not crying.” Said the older one angry.

You cried?” He repeated again the question.

Yeah, I cried. Why are you speaking so strange?” The other one was skeptical.

Accident.” Yunho explained himself.

You mean, you had an accident that's why you can't speak properly.”

Yunho nodded only and slowly sat down onto the lawn.

Why cried?” He wanted to know why the other one had cried. He really was curious about it.

Today on the 30. June, it's the 31st anniversary of my grandfathers day of death.” The older one explained.

Sorry.” Yunho offered sympathies to the other one.

Oh no, I'm not sad about it. I didn't know my grandfather. It is only that my father can't stand to see me on this day. It is every year the same.” He explained.

Why?” Yunho was curiously.

Why my father don't want to see me?” The older one inquired. Yunho nodded his head yes.

Well, my father named me after my grandfather, but with the time I didn't have only his name but I started to look like him. My great grandmother said once to me that I'm the duplicate of my grandfather not only my looks but my voice and character were the same as well.” He explained.

Name?” Yunho asked. He felt strange, that wasn't new for him. He heard it already.

My name is Kim Jaejoong.” The other one introduced himself. “What's yours?”

Jung Yunho.” The boy said carefully.

That's funny, my father's name is Yunho, too.” Jaejoong laughed.

Both were talking for a long time and Yunho got to know that Jaejoong was 17 years old. And that he didn't get to know his grandfather, because he died in a car accident for years after Jaejoong's father was born. On the other side Jaejoong learned that Yunho was twelve years old and had a car accident one year ago. And that he is blind now and needed to learn to speak again. Jaejoong offered him his help. He sensed already that Yunho wasn't like all these little boys, he was more mature. With the time he fell in love with the younger boy.


The years went by and in a blink of an eye four years were over. Yunho was sitting on their favorite spot with a letter in one hand when Jaejoong found him.

What's wrong, Yunho?” He asked the younger one. Yunho only showed the letter to the older one, who read it immediately.

I could have a surgery.” Yunho said.

Don't!” Jaejoong said worried.


It is too dangerous, did your mother read out the letter to you?” He asked hesitantly.

I know the risks, but wouldn't you want me to be able to see again?” Yunho replied unbelieving.

Of course, I want that, but not if it is so dangerous that you could lose your life.” Jaejoong started to cry.

Why? Why are you crying?” Yunho was surprised with the other man's behavior. Jaejoong leaned over to Yunho and kissed his lips softly.

Because I love you and I don't want to lose you.” He explained. The younger man was shocked of the sudden kiss as his eyes were widening.

I'm sorry, Yunho.” The smaller one stammered and stood up before he ran away.

Jaejoong!” Yunho called the other man's name as he followed him. Jaejoong turned around to look at the taller man, while Yunho was running on the street. Jaejoong's eyes widened as he saw a car coming closer and closer.


and? What do you think?

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