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Title: Accidental Love

author: [personal profile] hana_cho 

beta reader: [livejournal.com profile] jaejoongmylove 

length: 2/...

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG (will change later)

genre: drama, angst

Warnings: character death

Summery: After an accident Yunho falls into coma. In his comatose condition he dreams about falling in love with his neighbor. But what if the story repeats itself after he wakes up?

chapter one


Chapter two


Yunho was back sitting on the swing, while Jaejoong was sitting in the shadow of the tree on the ground. Yunho got to know that Jaejoong is sixteen and in his last high school year already. And he is the only boy living here, the next one lives five miles away. The young boy was confused, everything is so different. He frowned at his thoughts.

Yunho, is everything alright with you?” Jaejoong asked the younger one, worried.

I don't know, in that one moment my parents told me that we will move and then everything is a blur. I thought it is February, but the sun is shining and it feels like summer.” The brown haired boy said slowly.

Well, it is summer, it is June.” The older one laughed slightly. “In a short while you will settle down and everything will be normal again.” Jaejoong encouraged him.

Maybe, you are right. Tell me Jaejoong, what are you doing in your free time? Are you playing some video games?”

Video games? What's that?” Jaejoong asked back.

You don't know what video games are? What are you doing in your free time?” He was confused again, everything he saw or talked about was wrong here. How could the older one not know what video games are, sure they live on the countryside, but that doesn't mean that they were disconnected from the rest of the world.

Jaejoong was worried about his new friend, he talked about things that didn't even exists. “We go in the cafe, drinking soda, meeting friends.” He said nonchalantly.

Yunho, dinner is ready.” The mother called out to him from the front door.

Well, we will see us.” Jaejoong said smiling and stood up to go back to his house. As Yunho entered the living room, he saw his father watching the news. He looked at the date and was shocked. The date was 30. June 1956. Yunho went into the kitchen and sat down on the table.

Umma, why is appa watching news from the past?” He asked confused.

Darling, your father is watching the news from today. Yunho is everything alright with you, are you feeling ill?” She was worried, too. Since they were on the country road Yunho was behaving weird.

When the young boy went to bed he thought about everything that happened today was only a dream and when he wakes up everything would be normal. But on the next day he woke up in the same room, where he went to bed, he was still in the year 1956.

Well, I can't change anything about it, then I should live with it.” He said to himself and got ready.


The time went by and when Yunho's parents went out Jaejoong would look after him. Both got along with each other and became really fast good friends.

When the older one had his first girlfriend Yunho played tricks on her to have the other one for himself again. He was really possessive towards Jaejoong, but he was sorry too, because he was the cause the older one was sad, when the girls broke up with him. Yunho didn't know why he did those things in the beginning, but later when he got older he knew why he did it. Jaejoong was his and should be his alone. He loved the older one's smile, his beautiful face with his big eyes, the pointy nose and full red lips. He loved his silky black shoulder length hair. He was in love with Kim Jaejoong, the man he met six years ago on a sunny day.


Yunho was watching TV as it began to rain, he went to the window and wanted to close it as he saw a figure sitting on their swing. He ran out of the house and when he got closer to the person, he noticed that it was Jaejoong.

Jaejoong, what are you doing here?” He called out as he ran faster to him.

Yunho?” The older one looked up with puffy eyes.

You are totally drenched. Come on, let's go inside.” He said and pulled the black haired man up and dragged him into the house.

Jaejoong was looking around the house.

My parents are on my grandparents place over the weekend.” Yunho explained when he noticed that Jaejoong was searching for his parents. He dragged him up the stairs, before he opened the bathroom door. “You should take a shower, before you get a cold. I will bring you some dry clothes from me.” With that he turned around and went to his room to grab some clothes for the smaller one.

When he went to the bathroom, he could hear the shower already. He opened the door and went in, at the same time Jaejoong got out of the shower, Yunho couldn't take his eyes off the naked figure.

Yunho?” Jaejoong asked shyly and gestured for the clothes. He felt the taller one's gaze on his body and he felt uncomfortable with it. It wasn't right that the younger one looked at him like that. As Yunho heard his name from Jaejoong he woke up from his daze and blushed.

Sorry.” He said and gave the other one the clothes and went out. Thinking that a hot chocolate would be good for Jaejoong he went to the kitchen and made the hot drinks.


With the steaming mugs of hot chocolate he went to the living room, where Jaejoong was sitting on the sofa looking at the TV, but not watching it.

Here, be careful.” Yunho gave him a cup and smiled at him.

Thank you.” Jaejoong said quietly and took the cup into his hands.

What happened? You look sad.” The taller one started and watched the other one, while he put down the cup on the table in front of the sofa. The other did the same before he threw himself into Yunho's arms and started to cry again.

She left me, she broke up, Yunho.” He sniffed. “Why is every girl I date breaking up with me? What do I do wrong?” He asked while tears poured out of his eyes and he hid his face onto the brown haired man's chest.

Maybe they weren't the right one's for you.” Yunho said and patted Jaejoong's hair.

What do you mean?” He asked back and looked up.

Maybe they don't love you like.” Yunho said and looked down into Jaejoong's brown eyes.

Love me like ...” But he couldn't finish his question while Yunho's lips prevented him by kissing his lips. The younger one's hand went to the nape of the black haired man to kiss him deeper to show him how much he loved him. Jaejoong's eyes were wide open, he was shocked about Yunho's action, while his eyes were closed. He savored every flavor and feeling of the other man's lips. A few seconds later he got pushed away by Jaejoong.

Why? I thought you wanted to comfort me and now you took advantage of me.” He screamed and stood up to get away from the younger one.

Because I love you.” Yunho confessed, he felt guilty while he kissed him without thinking of the consequences and if Jaejoong wanted it too.

That isn't a reason.”

Yunho looked disbelieving at the other one, loving him isn't a reason. “I'm better than every girl you dated, they all broke up with you, because I wanted it. If they had loved you, they wouldn't do it.” He screamed at the other one, telling him his secret.

Why Yunho? Why? Don't you want to see me happy?” Jaejoong asked, he couldn't believe that Yunho did everything to get the girls to break up with him. It hurt him, that his best friend would do such a thing.

I want to see you happy, but not with them. I want to see you happy with me.” Yunho cried out, why can't Jaejoong see that he loved him so much that he would do everything for him as long he was his.

I don't feel the same as you and it is wrong. It is your fault that I don't have a girlfriend.” He screamed at him and turned around running to the front door.

Jaejoong!” Yunho followed him. As Jaejoong opened the door he turned around. “I don't want to see you ever again.” He spit in Yunho's face and closed the door after he left the house.

Jaejoong.” The taller one said quietly in the empty house as he broke down onto the ground and cried. It hurt so much to lose him.


On the next day he went to Jaejoong's house, but his parents told him that he didn't want to see him. The black haired man's mother was worried. They were such good friends and when they had a fight they would reconcile in a matter of seconds.

Weeks went by and Jaejoong was getting out of Yunho's way. The taller one cried himself to sleep every night. He was sorry. He wanted Jaejoong back.

One night he couldn't sleep and wanted to get something to drink, when he went down the stairs he heard his parents talking.

We should tell him soon.” The mother said.

But last time he wasn't happy to move away.” The father was worried about his son's reaction.

I think he will take it better this time, he seemed to be unhappy. Maybe it will do him good to get a new environment.” The mother encouraged her man.

Yunho was shocked to hear that his parents planned to move away.


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Date: 2009-06-30 08:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lunarrays.livejournal.com
oh, i know about fleeing muses LOL
Mine left me also, but i'm still writing.
The next chapter to FFY will be sent to Nadia real soon.

can't wait for the next chapter and how everything plays out.

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Date: 2009-06-30 08:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hana-cho.livejournal.com
the warning gives a hint ^^

oh I can't await it


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