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Accidental Love

Title: Accidental Love

author: [personal profile] hana_cho 

beta reader: [livejournal.com profile] jaejoongmylove 

length: 1/...

pairing: YunJae

rating: PG (will change later)

genre: drama, angst

Warnings: character death

Summery: After an accident Yunho falls into coma. In his comatose condition he dreams about falling in love with his neighbor. But what if the story repeats itself after he wakes up?




Chapter one


Today was his eleventh birthday. He was happy, he got the new bicycle from his grandparents, the one he wanted for a very long time. He would have a party with his friends tomorrow and tonight he would get another surprise from his parents. They said they wanted to tell him something important, maybe he would get the brother that he wished for since he was four.

As the time arrived he went down the stairs of their house in the middle of a big city and walked into the kitchen to sit down on the dinner table next to his father.

Did you have a nice day, Yunho?” His father asked him with a bright smile as he put the newspaper down.

Yeah appa, I can't await to play with my friends tomorrow.” The small boy replied happily.

The mother came with one of Yunho's favorite dishes to the table and they started to eat.

You wanted to tell me something.” Yunho reminded his parents.

The father put the fork down and looked to his wife before he turned to his son. “Yunho, your mother and I, we ...” The father started but got interrupted.

Do I get a brother?” The small boy asked excited.

No Yunho, you don't get a brother.” The mother said. “Please, don't interrupt your father.”

Yunho nodded his head in approval.

Your mother and I, we thought about moving to the countryside, out of the city.” The father said.

What about me? Will I stay here?” Yunho asked confused.

Of course not, darling. You will come with us.” The mother replied with a smile as if the news weren't such altering news, as if everything would be the same.

But what is with my friends?” Yunho didn't want to lose his friends, he loved his life the way it was now.

You will find new ones.” The father replied.

But I don't want to find new ones, I don't want to move away.” He screamed and threw his fork on the table, before he ran out of the house into the rainy night.

Yunho!” The mother called out and ran after her son, her husband was following her. As they came to the door they didn't see their son anywhere. Both ran down the streets to find their beloved child.

Where could he be?” The man asked his wife.

Maybe he ran to one of his friend's places?” She answered, but was questioning her suspicion. They went to Yunho's friends, but it was hopeless. They were already searching him for hours, they even called for the police to help them. The rain got even heavier with the time, when they were on their way back to their house to change the clothes and to get an umbrella, they saw their son on the crossroads.

Yunho!” They called out as they ran to him. The young boy saw his parents and turned around to run away again. He went on the street and didn't see the car that was coming closer and closer.


Everything happened so fast. The driver tried to slow down, but due to the rain the streets were slippery. The car wouldn't stop and hit the young boy. Yunho's parents were shocked when they saw the scene.

Yunho lay on the wet ground, blood poured out of his head and he was unconscious. His parents went to him, crouching down on the wet ground. The mother was crying when she saw her pale son. Someone had called the ambulance. Within minutes they were in the emergency room. The doctors tried their best to rescue the young life, while the parents had to wait in the waiting room. One and half an hour later a doctor came out of the emergency room and went to the waiting couple. The woman's eyes were red and puffy from all the crying.

Mr. and Mrs. Jung?” The doctor asked to get sure, that he spoke with the right people.

Yeah.” Mr. Jung answered slowly.

I'm sorry to inform you, but your son ...” The man in the white coat begun.

No, Yunho isn't dead. No, that can't be true.” Yunho's mother cried out and tears started to pour out of her eyes again.

Your son isn't dead, but he fell into coma. We don't know how long he will be in it and what for consequences it will have.” The doctor explained.

What do you mean, that you don't know the consequences?” Mr. Jung asked, he was happy that his son was alive, but he was worried about Yunho's condition.

We need to do a few more tests to get to know his real state. We could already detect that his eyes got hurt and we are sorry, but we don't have the medical devices to heal them.”

You mean Yunho lost his eyesight?” The mother asked alarmed. The doctor could only nod he was sorry for the pair.



On a land road drove a car. On the backseat sat a pouting boy.

I can't believe we really move away from the city!” The boy said grumpily.

Yunho, stop pouting. We told you that we won't turn around.” The father said angry, the grumpy mood of his son was stressing him.

I lost all my friends!” He whined.

You will find new ones.” The mother said exhausted.

Yunho was looking around and just yet he really saw his surroundings.

Why are we in that car?” He asked confused.

Darling, we have that car for two years already.” The mother explained.

Look there!” The father pointed out and gestured to a white two store house with a big garden in the front. “That is our new home.” He said happy and drove the car in the driveway.


They settled in and Yunho got even more confused with every passing minute, all his clothes weren't his clothes, as he turned on the TV the picture was black and white and where was his fathers computer. He went to his mother, who was n the kitchen and backed cookies. Yunho was shocked at the scene his mother was wearing a pastel yellow petticoat with a white apron, she looked like a housewife from the fifties.

Umma, why his the picture in the TV black and white?” He asked bewildered.

Yunho, how should the picture be? There isn't anything wrong.” She laughed.

Never mind.” Yunho changed the topic. “I'll go out in the garden and play there a bit.” He said and went out of the kitchen, but he could hear his mothers “Have fun!”.


As he stood at the front door he looked around the garden and found a swing hanging on a tree. He went to it and sat down. Yunho was looking at their neighbor's garden and saw a young man cutting the lawn. The young man felt the gaze in his back and turned around. He saw a young boy sitting on a swing, he put down the reaper and went to the fence.

You are our new neighbor's child, right?” He asked in a husky voice.

Yunho walked to the fence too and nodded his head yes.

What's your name?” The man asked with a friendly smile on his lips.

Jung Yunho. And you?” He asked him back.

I'm Kim Jaejoong, nice to meet you, Yunho.” He smiled at the small boy.


what do you think?
comments are loved ^^




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