Nov. 9th, 2010 07:28 pm
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Hi ^^


I would like to say that I'm sorry for not posting anything in the last time. I'm sorry for those people, who are waiting for me to write their stories. To tell you the truth, I lost my feeling for writing recently. Especially these kind of stories I normally write.

I got a comment a few days ago, in which I was asked when I would update Opferungsfic again. I wanted to try, so I was reading through the last chapter and thought it was trash. I've never thought that about any of my stories and I don't want to think this about OF, too. This happened while I was trying to get back into the feeling of the story, but it didn't work and I'm afraid of reading the whole story and thinking that it is trash.


I was talking to a friend about my problem and about my lack of free time. Well yeah, free time isn't much with work and studying at the same time. Well, back to the topic, she told me that maybe I should try to write something else, like another pairing. Well I don't read anything else except YunJae and Harry/Draco *lol*. But maybe I should write something totally different, not something where Jae has to suffer so much.


Anyway, I'll try to write something, but I try not to hold me back with posting it. I'm such a comment whore *lol*


Well what I wanted to say in the end is that I'm taking a break until next year. I hope I can write something in this time and you can read something new from me next year and maybe I get to start with those stories I wanted to write the whole time and finish all the works I have started.


I hope you will be still there then and read my works again ^^



your hana ^^


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