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Hi ^^

I have a few smut plunnies that I really wanted to read and because I'm not able to write anything at the moment I want to share them with you ^^
Maybe they help me to find my muse by reading them ^^

Things I don't want to read in the stories are 1. the word penis during the sex, that disturbs my reading flow. When I read that word I have to think of that picture that [livejournal.com profile] haru_ran   had once, with the boy that says penis. When I   saw that for the first time I laughed over an hour because I saw it. So please don't use that word, thanks ^^
2. no fluff or to much romance, maybe the last sentence, but not more. I'm really not a fan  of fluff

It had to be Yunjae that means Yunho tops.  NO SEME JAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Yunho has sex with a doll that looks like Jaejoong, Jaejoong, who is the boyfriend of Yunho walks into the bedroom at that moment and sees that

2. Yunho shaves Jae (the pubic area) , Jae got aroused during the process. Jae should be innocent and Yunho should be older than Jae by a few years

3. Jae is yunho dry humping on the stage all the time, one day yunho has enough of that. he humiliates him in front of the others (Jae likes that, but doesn't tell it to Yunho, he does it maybe later, when he got what he wanted from Yunho), telling him that he is a cheap slut. and he shouldn't behave like a horny animal. Jae replies if he behaves like an animal, maybe Yunho should treat him like one

4. jae loves to walk around his apartment naked and it arouses him, when someone could see him walk around naked through his open curtains, one day he sees his neighbor haveing sex and he couldn't stop himself to watch, he was jerking off while watching him. one day his neighbor catches Jae by doing this

5.  Jae is a person that is sexually aroused by putting himself in situations in which he may be killed. he really has to feel he is in danger in order to be sexually aroused. Important please don't try to kill Joongie during that ^^

please be free to use as much dirty talk as you can I want it dirty ^^

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