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Title: Accidental Love
author: [livejournal.com profile] hana_cho
beta reader: [livejournal.com profile] haru_ran
length: 8/8
pairing: YunJae
rating: PG-13
genre: drama, angst
Warnings: character death, mpreg, incest

Summery: After an accident Yunho falls into coma. In his comatose condition he dreams about falling in love with his neighbor. But what if the story repeats itself after he wakes up?

chapter one chapter two chapter three chapter four chapter five chapter six chapter seven

Chapter eight

The very next day he was sitting on the same spot where he was sitting when Jaejoong's father wanted them to break up only that it had today another reason.
“How have your wife and daughter taken it?” Yunho asked worried and at the same time sad.
“They miss him. But it must be worse for you, you love him.” The father replied with a hoarse voice.
“Why …? How …?” He didn't need to finish the question because the older man knew what he wanted to ask.
“He ran away. He wanted to find you. I haven't thought I would lose him like I lost my own fath … mother.” Jaejoong's father answered. His body was slightly shaking due to the sorrow he felt.
“What do you mean? Can it be that Jaejoong died due to an …?” Yunho asked astonished.
“Yeah. Jaejoong died in a car accident. He searched right after my birth for you. He was four long years searching before he got into an accident. I never really got to know him. Everything I know was told to me by my grandmother.” He explained the cause of Jaejoong's death.
“I'm sorry. I'm still puzzled how it could happen.” Yunho was really sorry for his son. It still was a strange feeling for him, because he didn't feel like a father.
“I wanted to ask you something, that's the reason why I asked you to come. And of course to witness the funeral.”
“You want to ask me something?” He was irritated by the request.
“Before my mother died he planned a joint grave.” Jaejoong's father began to explain.
“A joint grave?” Yunho was inquiring.
“Yeah, a grave where he should be buried, you and me. You could call it a family grave. It isn't really a question that I want to ask you, it is more that I want to make a suggestion. Would you like it, if we bury Jaejoong in the family grave instead of me?”
Yunho had tears in his eyes, which were slowly flowing down his cheeks.
“You really would do that for me? You would give up your place in the family grave for your son?”
“It would make you happy and that is the last thing I can do for you after I have taken everything from you.” The older male said and embraced Yunho to give him comfort.
“Thank you so much.” Yunho sobbed into his arms.

It was a sunny day on the last day of June. An old man just finished telling the children, who were sitting around him, a sad nevertheless beautiful story about two people who fell in love but their love ended tragically. A woman, that was only a few years younger than the man, was walking to them. She was shaking her head in disbelieve about the man.
“Have you told them again that old story?” She asked him.
“Grandma, we love that story. Their love is so romantic.” A young girl was totally mad about the sad love story. The old man stood up and turned to the woman.
“I'm sorry. I should stop telling them the story.” The man apologized. He turned around and went down the path the woman was coming from.
After a short time he arrived at his destination and looked down at the beautiful flowers on the graves. His eyes looked sad at the empty space on the big gravestone.
“I'm sorry. I shouldn't have scolded you.” The woman said. She was following him.
“It is okay. I understand you.”
“Yunho, I know that you loved my brother. But I don't understand why you haven't tried to find someone new. You would have been a great father.” She said before she turned around and went back to her grandchildren.
“No. I'm not such a good father. You were such a better father to me than I was to you.” Yunho said to the grave next to the family grave. There was the grave of his one and only son. He hadn't thought about finding someone new for him after the death of Jaejoong. He hadn't wanted to lose someone precious again.
He looked at the family grave and read the inscription of the gravestone.

“Kim Jaejoong
26.01.1940 – 30.06.1967
Lost his life in the search of his one and only love”

“Kim Jaejoong
26.01.1981 – 30.06.2002
Through fate parted to gain his love back he lost his life”

Tears were streaming down his cheeks. “I hope we can be together soon once again.” He whispered silently.

The end!

A/N: Thank you to everyone who read till the end. *sobs* my baby is finished. I really loved to write that story and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I'm sorry for all the mean cliffhangers I made but they were needed. ^^

Please leave a comment I really would love to read what you think about that story. And I promise to answer every comment.

Thanks again *bows*

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