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Title: Opferungsfic
author: hana_cho
Pairings: YunJae, YooSu ...
Chapters: 13/...
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: AU, mpreg
Genre: Drama, Romance
beta-reader: [profile] junsu_luvr 

A/N: The title is German and means sacrifice plus the word fic of fanfic
Every time I talk about that story I call it Opferungsfic and because I can't find a name I didn't change it. ^^

Summary: Sacrificing is the keyword. Every three month is a changing of the turn in the village, which must give a offering to their lord. This time it is the village of the Kim brothers turn. To help his beloved younger brother Jaejoong sacrifices himself. But he never expected what would happen.

characters  , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Chapter 13

Weeks went by, after Junsu explained to Jaejoong that he could feel pleasure by doing it with the Lord too. He still had to go to Yunho's room every night, but to his luck and Yoochun's demand or request, he didn't get to feel the pain all those nights, nevertheless he still had to pleasure the Lord; giving him a blow job or hand job. As the weeks went by Jaejoong's 18th birthday went by, too. The Lord didn't pay much attention when Junsu wished his dear brother 'Happy Birthday'. He was continuing his daily routine; taking Jaejoong to his throne and letting him sit in front of his feet dressed in a hanbok, as he talked with the people of his property. More days went by and everyone in the mansion was preparing for the feast for the Lord's birthday in early February.

Finally the day came and Jaejoong woke up early that morning. The young man was too excited too sleep any longer. He knew that he had to attend the party, but wasn't allowed to speak one word, because no one knew and should know that he was male, that was what Yunho said to him last night. The black haired man stood up and went into the bathroom to take a long bath and get ready. As he was looking into the mirror while he was combing his hair after the bath he was thinking about the talk he had with Hankyung yesterday. The older one advised him to be a good boy and do what the Lord wanted, as a gift for him. On the other hand Jaejoong was thinking about another present. “Maybe I should try out to be more willing tonight and go after Junsu's explanation. "Maybe he would be happy if I don't lie down like a log all the time and be more active. He isn't in any way gentle but it doesn't hurt that much anymore. It could be that I'm used to it.”
He was looking at himself in the mirror and was satisfied with what he saw. His black hair was silky and reached his shoulders, his face was pale but it looked beautiful and his rosy lips were full like always. He wore a hanbok that looked like the one he wore when he came here, but this one was made from another material. The red upper part was only a bit darker and the green bottom part had more decorations but the most important thing was that he had chosen it by himself.

Jaejoong hoped he would meet Yunho's approval. He hoped so. He wanted to be beautiful only for him. Maybe he would see him with other eyes, maybe he would treat him better or would be nicer. All this was what Jaejoong wanted since he had gotten to know how the Lord really was. Since he knew that the older one was after all a nice caring person. A person that was loved by the people of his property, because he worried with them and tried everything to help them. Jaejoong was remembering the day on which the Lord changed his view of the world. It was a cold day in the middle of January when a woman came into the mansion with a young child not older than five years in her arms and was asking Yunho for an advise. Her husband died due to the harsh winter and she can't survive on her own. He listened to the woman's story the whole time and while thinking about a solution, the young child was sitting on his lap and he played with him.  It was such a heartbreaking picture. At that moment he knew Yunho wasn't like he was all the time to him.

The young man looked one more time into the mirror and saw himself with sad eyes. The thoughts about a nice, gentle Yunho hurt him. He wanted to feel the same kindness for himself.
As he heard a knock on the door he shook his head to get rid of the sorrowful thoughts. He left the bathroom and saw Hankyung enter his room.
“Oh you are already awake. Why are you up so early?” The servant asked him as a greeting.
“I couldn't sleep anymore. That's why I got ready
already. How do I look? Is it okay?” He asked the older one in reply. The young man wasn't sure about his appearance. He knew that he looked  beautiful, but maybe it was too much.
“Jaejoong, you look great even more prettier than when you came here.” Hankyung complimented the black haired man.
“Do you think he will like it?” Jaejoong was concerned about what the Lord would say to his look.
“You think too much about what he likes or wants. I shouldn't say that, but he treats you really bad and you still want to do everything that he wants without complaining. Don't you see that he won't change his attitude relating to you? Why are you doing all these things? You should be happy, the three months are almost over and you will be free again.” Hankyung was worried about Jaejoong's behavior latly. The younger one wasn't complaining rather he was eager to learn things to pleasure the Lord to make him feel good. 
“Haven't you said I shouldn't complain or even question him? I only do what you told me. I want to live in peace and I can only do it if I do what he wants. I don't want to get punished again.” He whispered the last words. It hurt him more when Yunho let out his anger on him. He didn't even have to be the cause, but Jaejoong tried everything to make it not even worse. The humiliation hurt him, it was breaking him. He was lying to the older one. He didn't do it because he was told, he wanted to do it. He wanted Yunho to be nicer due to the hard work and change Jaejoong had undergone.
“Is everything alright? Are you feeling okay?” The servant was worried about the other one.
“I'm fine, thanks hyung for your concern.” He lied again. He wasn't feeling fine. His body was fine, but his emotions, his feelings weren't alright. He hadn't told anyone about his feelings concerning the Lord. He wanted to tell Junsu what he was feeling, but his brother wouldn't understand him, no one would understand him. How could Junsu? Yunho treats him inferior to himself.
“Come on, I'll bring you to the breakfast.” Hankyung held out a hand to Jaejoong, but he only shook his head no.
“I'm not hungry. I'll wait here till the feast begins.” He declined the offer.
“You know the feast won't start before the late afternoon.”
“Could you please go? I'm feeling tired suddenly and want to sleep a bit.” The older man looked confused at him, nevertheless he turned around and left the room.
Jaejoong went to the window and sat down on the windowsill. He let out a sigh. He hated to lie. He hated to hide his real self.

The time flew by as he was sitting there and pitying himself and dreaming of a life he wanted so much, but couldn't have.
A knock on the door interrupted Jaejoong. He moved his head lazily into the direction of the door.
“Please hyung, I want my peace. Stop bothering me!” He shouted at the closed door. It was the nth time that the servant knocked on the door and asked him to join lunch or if everything was alright. Jaejoong turned back to the window and watched the beautiful scenery.
The door was opened quietly. The black haired man didn't recognize that someone had entered the room until he heard steps coming nearer to him.
“Hankyung, would you please leave?” The young man shouted but didn't bother to look at the person. He heard a light chuckle that made him to turn around slowly and when he saw who was in his room he jumped back.
“Did I scare you?” The other man laughed slightly again.
“My Lord, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Jaejoong answered slowly.
“I see, I see. Come on you won't want to miss my party.” Yunho said and turned around, while he offered one arm for the younger man. Jaejoong stood up and went to the Lord. He took the offer and let Yunho lead him out of the room. It was a rare opportunity that he offered him something and Jaejoong was really glad that today was a special day.   


well yeah it is a bit short, sorry  ^.^

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