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Title: Jung Yunho
Author: hana_cho
Chapters: 5/ …
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu and many more ^^
Rating: NC-17
Genre: crack
Summary: There was a boy who didn't want to grow up. He went out to hear story from a beautiful storyteller and took him with him to Neverland. Where he fought the pervert captain and got in more adventures. Through a beautiful person he finds out what wonderful feelings he can have and how to live them out.
A/N:It is the written after the movie from 2003.

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] junsu_luvr  for reading it beta. Thanks dear *huggles*

>>The beautiful boy had run down the stairs before Yunho and the captain had reached them. He ran to his brothers and tried to help them out of the water, but he got held back by Siwon. He looked up at the pirate and his eyes widened. Without shame he stared at the first mate.
“Hey.” He greeted him and winked.
“Hey.” Siwon replied.
“Hyung, stop flirting with the pirate.” His brothers shouted.
“But he is so handsome.”<<

Chapter 5

At the same time as Yunho and the captain were very busy. The three wet boys tried to get out of the water without the help of the beauty.
“Doesn't he know that he is a pirate?” Junsu asked the other two boys curiously.
“He stopped thinking as soon as he saw a handsome man.” Yoochun explained and reached the chubby boy a hand to help him out of the cold water after he got out.
“Like the captain.” mumbled the brown haired boy.
“What do you mean by 'like the captain'?” Changmin asked. Junsu looked at him with big eyes, he hadn’t thought that anyone could hear what he said and he didn't want someone to have heard it.
“Nothing.” He replied still not wanting to say it.
“No tell us what you mean by it. That is our brother, we have to know anything to protect him.” Yoochun said harshly. He didn't want for his brother to get hurt when he would fall in love with the man.
“It is only that the captain likes handsome men, too. He loves beautiful things and collects them. Thanks to Yunho, I'm still free though he had really tried to get me often.” Junsu confessed and shivered from the memories that came through his mind. All the memories of getting caught by the captain and what he wanted to do with him. But, to his luck, Yunho was near every time and helped him. Now if he thinks about it, the captain and Yunho got lost for some time every time, like now. And when they came back Yunho would have a satisfied smile on his lips.          
“Are you cold? You are shivering.” Yoochun asked, slightly worried that the cute boy was getting a cold.
“Are you stupid or what? Of course he’s cold. We came out of the cold water.” Changmin slapped the head of his older brother. He hadn't seen so much stupidity for a long time.
As they passed the first mate and the beauty they could hear their conversation after looking at each other for a few minutes.
“I'm Heechul. 17 years old. And you?” The beauty introduced himself.
“Siwon. I'm the first mate of Captain Kim Jaejoong.” He replied with a charming smile that could make hearts melt.
Changmin grabbed his eldest brother’s arm and pulled him with himself.
“Do you know that he is our enemy? He wants to kill Yunho.” The youngest said with a reproving look.
“But he looks so awesome and he is nice.” Heechul countered.
“Nevertheless he wants to see us dead.” Changmin stated.
“Maybe you guys. But not me.” The beauty replied.
“Not him, but the captain wants to see you headless for sure.” Junsu interrupted.
“Why? What did I do?” He asked.
“He hates everyone who is nice to Yunho or his friend. Sometimes I believe he is jealous or something.” The chubby boy explained.
“Well maybe so. By the way, why are you dressed as a bee?” The oldest was confused at the appearance of the younger one.
“I'm not dressed as a bee. I only like stripes.” Junsu retorted. “We should try to open the gate that the monkey there keeps a close watch on.” He pointed to the gate and the pirate in front of the controller.        
“Okay I’ll try to sidetrack him and you open the gate.” Heechul suggested and went to the pirate as the others went to the controller and tried to turn it but, it was useless. They were too weak.
Suddenly, they heard a dull sound. They looked at the directed where the sound came from and saw Heechul sitting on the ground. And the pirate came over to the other three boys. The pirate with the face like a monkey grabbed Junsu's arm.
“Finally I get you, little prince.” The pirate laughed evilly.
“Let me go Hyukjae!” He called out.
“Don't call me that name.”
“What's wrong with you? That is your name.” The younger one stated.
“But that name is ugly.” The pirate retorted.
“You know that you call your captain ugly, too.” Junsu laughed slightly. “When he hears that then you can greet the fishes.”
Eyunhyuk pulled Junsu with him while Junsu struggled to get free again.
“Hey you!” Someone called to the pirate. He turned around and could only see the fist that came flying into his face. “That boy is mine.” Yoochun declared.     
Everyone was shocked after the outburst of Yoochun. The first to calm down was Junsu, he looked with glittering eyes at his hero. With quick steps he was by Yoochun and, to the surprise of all, he kissed him on the lips. With his new found strength after the sweet kiss Yoochun turned around to the controller and turned it around and opened the gate.
“Oh our little Chunnie got kissed.” Heechul laughed. “And you are blushing like mad.”
“Oh shut up.” He answered and hid his face into his hands.
Junsu watched the scene between the brothers and smiled his angel like smile. 'He is cute when he blushes.'

“Yah!” They heard Yunho call to them out. “Don't stand around. Come on and let's go.” He instructed and flew to them. They got in the only boat that was there and rowed out of the black castle.
“Well, Junsu you say where to row and I’ll go and get the Lost Boys so that we can have some fun together at your place.” Yunho suggested.
“That would be great. My dad hasn’t seen you for a long time.” The chubby boy smiled and looked after Yunho as he left the boat.
“Okay Let's row guys.” He laughed his unique laugh and took a boat oar and started to row.
After some time they came back to the island and some meters away they could see a big fire place and many tents.
“Well yeah, this is where I live.” Junsu said shyly and welcomed the three brothers in his home.    
I'm sorry that this chapter is so boring and short.

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